Services & Rates

Digital Organization

Email Cleanup

  • Update an existing, or create a new, system of folders and filters
  • Unsubscribe from recurring advertisements and newsletters
  • Sort all emails until you reach INBOX ZERO
  • Create a simple SOP so that you can continue on your own, or have someone else do it for you

File Management

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, etc…
  • Delete duplicates and archive outdated files
  • Build a user-friendly system for organizing all your files
  • Create a simple SOP so that you can continue on your own, or have someone else do it for you

Virtual Assistance

Admin Assistant

Email Management
Customer Support
Software & Databases
Document Creation
*Insert your need here*

Content Management

Data Entry

What Clients Are Saying…

Becky is amazing! She’s creative, tech-savvy, detail oriented, funny, and just plain lovely. I felt a big sense of relief as soon as I hired her, I was even giddy when I paid my first invoice! I’m so excited to have Becky on my team, I feel like she really has my back. There are so many things that I love about working with her. I love that she’s detail-oriented, can handle the techy tasks, and that’s she’s a great communicator. I never have to worry about what she’s working on or how many hours are left. I would say hire her quickly before she’s totally booked.

Billie Gardner | VA Mentor

Desire to Done

I was feeling overwhelmed with the 1200+ emails that remained in my inbox. Becky has very quickly organized my emails. I’ve also enjoyed utilizing Trello to assign tasks to my staff and keep a running task list for myself. I never would have taken the time to find and implement that app myself. My favorite part about working with Becky is her efficiency. She gives you more time to do what you are in the business of doing, and less time with the mundane parts of being in business. Who really enjoys dealing with email and data management anyway?… Oh yeah, she does!

Rebecca McNeill | Owner

McNeill Bookkeeping

Becky has remarkable insight and will be an asset to your company. Readers make some of the best editors, and with Becky’s renown knowledge of literature, you would be a step ahead. Not only has she proofed my manuscripts exceptionally well and caught the sneakiest of mistakes, she’s also taught me how to be more aware as a writer, and that knowledge is invaluable. I also admired her comprehensive grasp of grammar and punctuation, both of which have aided me immensely. There should be more of her kind in the world! Becky has remarkable insight and will be an asset to your company.

Fanny T. Crispin | Author

FanTC Books


If you’re a research person like me, you can view my full resume for more details on my experience.

What I Don’t Offer

Coffee Making

I made a pot of coffee… once.

Phone Answering

I’m an introvert so… no.

Social Media-ing

I don’t even take care of my accounts.