Once upon a time…

there was a woman living in a cubicle, and she was very, very sad. She ate and she drank and she shut out the people who loved her most.

One day, there was a knock on her door. She opened it, and the world beckoned her to come out and play.

So, she did.

The woman who lived in a cubicle opened her eyes and her heart. She answered the call of the world and went out into the light.

And she never looked back.


  • My degree is in civil engineering, but I have also worked as a software developer for a government supercomputing laboratory, and as an elementary and middle school English teacher in South Korea.


  • My hobbies include traveling, reading, writing, photography, hiking, eating avocados, and other activities I can’t mention because I don’t want my parents to know.


  • I’m a grammar rebel. Even though I’m from the hills of Tennessee, I do know the rules. I simply choose to ignore them from time to time. I end sentences with prepositions, and I will never let the Oxford comma die.