What Clients Are Saying…

(and I have the best clients!)

Becky is amazing! She’s creative, tech-savvy, detail oriented, funny, and just plain lovely. I felt a big sense of relief as soon as I hired her, I was even giddy when I paid my first invoice!

I’m so excited to have Becky on my team, I feel like she really has my back. There are so many things that I love about working with her. I love that she’s detail-oriented, can handle the techy tasks, and that she’s a great communicator. I never have to worry about what she’s working on or how many hours are left. I would say hire her quickly before she’s totally booked.

Billie Gardner | VA Mentor

Desire to Done

My business is much more organized since I started working with Becky. She has great work ethic and strong organizational skills especially. Her communication is always clear and timely. She would be a great asset to your team and make your company more efficient.

Leon Turetsky | Online CEO

Back Intelligence

Becky has been a tremendous addition to our team. She shows initiative and her strategic thinking skills have led us to streamline areas of our operations. She is a team player and is always willing to get shit done! I also love her sense of humor and how committed she is.

 Since I started working with Becky, our operations are becoming more systematized, fewer things are falling through the cracks, and I love how she makes suggestions and steps up to take on new things.

Teresa Cleveland | Online Business Manager

The Entrepreneur's Toolbox

Becky is SO professional, patient, and reliable. I absolutely love her ‘can-do’ attitude. My systems have all got set up so my business is streamlined and running smoothly.

If you decide to work with Becky, you will not be disappointed. Your overwhelm will disappear and you will be able to focus on your business instead of ‘in’ the nitty-gritty details.

Holly Rustick | Grant Writing Expert & Author

Grant Writing & Funding

I was feeling overwhelmed with the 1200+ emails that remained in my inbox. Becky has very quickly organized my emails. I’ve also enjoyed utilizing Trello to assign tasks to my staff and keep a running task list for myself. I never would have taken the time to find and implement that app myself.

My favorite part about working with Becky is her efficiency. She gives you more time to do what you are in the business of doing, and less time with the mundane parts of being in business. Who really enjoys dealing with email and data management anyway?… Oh yeah, she does!

Rebecca McNeill | Business Owner

McNeill Bookkeeping

Becky has remarkable insight and will be an asset to your company. Readers make some of the best editors, and with Becky’s renown knowledge of literature, you would be a step ahead. Not only has she proofed my manuscripts exceptionally well and caught the sneakiest of mistakes, she’s also taught me how to be more aware as a writer, and that knowledge is invaluable.

I also admired her comprehensive grasp of grammar and punctuation, both of which have aided me immensely. There should be more of her kind in the world! Becky has remarkable insight and will be an asset to your company.

Fanny T. Crispin | Author

FanTC Books

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